Lumine's Lights

==> Be the glowing seadweller.
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Tsiuli Paavee ==> Speak. 

Su☾h a quiet eve.

Maybe a bit ☼f s☼ng ☼r pr☼mise ☼f visi☼n ☾an help ye al☼ng ☼utta yer hidin h☼les.

I’m gonna get rid of the trolls I’ve got now and start fresh in a few days, so, sorry to anyone with any invested likes or interests with my girls! Out with the old and all that though, yeah? ovo/

(( Deeply considers doing something, but all I’ve heard about is drama lately… ))

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==> Speak. 



Yes, Saηηex, it dΦes.

YΦu kηΦw that by ηΦw!!

I’ve beeη lΦst iη thΦught fΦr far tΦΦ lΦηg aηd it’s high time I did sΦmethiηg, sΦ aηy mΦre uselessηess is iηexcusable!

But Cheeeeeeeeeeem

i was just getting comfortable~ 


Other than the stated, how are you? 

ηΦ buts.

I am… cΦηsideriηg gΦiηg Φut mΦre.

I’ve speηt enΦgh time iη my Φwn miηd tΦ recgΦηize that it’s Φverdue.

==> Wake: Empress. 

It’s been far too long since you’ve done something productive.

A long sleeping terror, calmed by time and tempered by cold water, but by no means is your behavior befitting someone of your stature. It feels like the slow progression of acid and glass in your veins, tumbling among once powerful blood. A color that was revered and equally looked to for guidance, no more. Everything felt out of balance, and the chaos of a time you were displaced in had leeched into your system, mixed among what felt like oceans of drink. Having even stooped low enough to simply lay in wait in it.

Bottle long kicked, you’d spent time thinking, regaining what control you’d kept over yourself, a cool stone stature. Shaking emotion and attachment for the greater cause, for your own sanity. Moirail, Matesprit, Kismesis, Auspice, banned from your presence and all consideration would be met with swift correction. Internal peace and refinement was your goal.

It was all in the past. That regression to simply allowing it all to become past tense bit like sharp teeth, the jaws of a lusus lost the only comparison available to your mind. Perhaps if you hadn’t allowed yourself to become tangled with your descendant it wouldn’t be so.

Though quiet, she kept more feeling then she knew what to handle locked so securely behind curious eyes and quick laughter. Yourself, stone cold brutality and an edge that rivled blades kept on your person.

Mellowed you may be, but ever aware that though you had designs, you had intentions, they would no longer fit a world that had chaos in it’s very DNA. Perhaps learning to control this would suit you more.

A slow creeping smile was smothered, recognizing that the primal need to control, to have that recognition given was beginning to threaten your carefully kept mind. Free of burdening primitive need, but yet…

Shaking your head, you look up, having disappeared into your half of a once shared hive after realizing that the grounding force that kept you there had gone. A small laugh escaped, echoing past quiet halls. Perhaps it was time instead to simply leave the hive.

With that, your moving, feet gliding across cool marble floors, lavish decor coated with a soft breath of dust, enough to remind you just how long was spent in the dark trying to reason with yourself. Lost among thoughts and among your own mind, but maybe isolation wasn’t entirely necessary. Marble moved to sand, closing the hive door as soon as your skirt was clear, gathering it up so you were able to move a little easier.

Wherever you were going, you would arrive with every bit of intention, even if you didn’t have a plan.


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Well. A ηew face.
Aηswer me this, what’s yΦur gΦal?

==> Speak. 



I bΦth despise aηd eηjΦy the quiet. ThΦugh mΦst Φf the time it meaηs that sΦmeΦηe’s beiηg useless.

HΦpefully ηΦηe I kηΦw Φf.


Does sittin’ around and watching my descendant suffer count as being useless? 

Cus if it does, whoopsidaisy

Yes, Saηηex, it dΦes.

YΦu kηΦw that by ηΦw!!

I’ve beeη lΦst iη thΦught fΦr far tΦΦ lΦηg aηd it’s high time I did sΦmethiηg, sΦ aηy mΦre uselessηess is iηexcusable!